A Private Island


Back in 2010, just before Maya was born, Isabelle and I were in Belize City awaiting Maya’s arrival so we spent some time in a hotel room watching television. I can’t remember the show but there was a top ten list for the world’s private islands that you could rent. The show went on to describe them including a private island in Belize. The description of the islands sounded a lot like Tranquility Bay Resort except of course the price tag!

Snorkel from the Beach in Belize


All right so we are not a private island, we do have a neighbouring resort about a quarter mile away and there is even the town of San Pedro with close to 20 000 people on the south end of Ambergris Caye. We are about 12-14 miles away from town…. I think that can count for being secluded!

Just like the private islands we’ve got great water sports! Scuba Diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, and Sailing!

Snorkel from the Beach

Snorkeling with a Turtle

Belize Diving

Isabelle and I diving in Belize

Kayaking at Tranquility Bay Resort

So you tell me, why spend $2000-10 000 usd per night when you can find paradise for a lot cheaper. Our rooms start at $99 usd/night in low season and the most expensive in peak season is $350 usd /night (rates don’t include tax and service charge). That of course does not come with white towel service, but really…. your on a beach! Our staff are friendly and fun, our guests are laid back and enjoy the beautiful location that we offer.


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  1. Hey, I am interested in finding out a bit more bout your resort. You follow my blog, Danielle’s Dives. I am at about 11000 hits with an average of 70-100 a day. Going to be doing alot of diving this season as my teen is flying the nest. Send me more info or links to find out more.

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