Fly Fishing in Belize with Daniel, the fish whisperer!


First I must explain… Daniel is to the sea, is as Tom Sawyer is to the River. He grew up just North of Tranquility Bay Resort. He is 13 years old, and is an old salt, having more time with a fishing line in the water than most 80 year olds! He wants to be a fly fishing guide to share his passion with you! I like to tease him and talk about his best friends the fish, and I started calling him the fish whisperer!

Daniel with a Tarpon on the Tranquility Bay Resort Dock

The Tarpon off our dock every evening are very hard to catch. They are actually quite intelligent. Before working at Tranquility Bay Resort I capatained a boat across the lagoon in San Pedro. They started feeding the Tarpon at the sunset grill and to begin they would stick the head of a sardine (silver side) in the water and the Tarpon would come and grab it. A few short weeks later they were ringing a bell and holding the sardine 2-3 feet off the water and the Tarpon were jumping vertically and taking the bait. Here at Tranquility Bay we allow catch and release fishing from the dock. The Tarpon have learned that fish don’t fall from the sky and have the lip piercings, and mug shots like above to prove it! Daniel still manages to catch them on occasion!

Fly Fishing in Belize

Daniel bringing in a Tarpon on 12 lb test!

Daniel caught this one on the dock and brought it down to the beach. The fish was caught on 12 lb test line which is a pretty good trick! You have to have light hands and whisper softly to the fish! 🙂

Tarpon Fishing in Belize

Daniel with his best friend! 🙂

So off we go headed up the beach to do some fly fishing. The mile just North of Tranquility Bay Resort is prime bonefishing flats. In fact when the winds blow from the North where do you think the guides bring their guests?

Fly Fishing in Belize

Daniel and I ready to head up the beach to catch some bonefish

When your out fishing the glare of the sun off the water is much like that of skiing. You can get burnt real fast, so dress appropriately! Daniel came to get me just before the tide started coming in, the best bonefishing is when the tide is in and the bone fish are tailing. I’m still not sure how he does it but Daniel can spot a school of Bonefish from a mile away.

Flyfishing in Belize

Bonefish Tailing

Daniel mesmorizing the fish with his line!

FlyFishing in Belize

Daniel getting his groove on!

Daniel with his best bud!

A Belizean Bonefish!

So you may notice that there is no picture of me with a bonefish. I did however catch my boot, my shirt and manage to wrap the line around myself three times! How’s that for a big fish! As we were walking back I mentioned my troubles and Daniel humbly said that he would teach me to cast. So stay tuned for the post on how to double haul! If walking up the beach to fish is not your thing we also have great guides available to take you out by boat!


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  1. Great pictures…..Daniel we can’t wait to see you again in December…..we are coming to fish and hope to get some tips from you when we’re there……our daughter Hunter and son Dawson are looking forward to doing some post breakfast fishing with you off the dock while we are visiting.

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