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The Fish Whisperer  

Daniel Smith  

Daniel Smith grew up just North of Tranquility Bay Resort. He will be writing his fishing reports on the Tranquility Bay Resort blog. Daniel has an enthusiasm for fishing that rivals none. At thirteen years old I often refer to him as “The Fish Whisperer” or an “Old Salt”. He has more time logged with a line in the water than most fisherman who are four to fives time his elder! Watch for “The Fish Whisperer” articles right here.

Tarpon: The Migration

In the summer time we have a migration that attracts many anglers to our fisheries. The tarpon are on their migratory route between Belize and Virginia, they pass through the Florida keys and follow the coastline of the Gulf to Belize. The peak time here in Belize is July through September when anglers can expect shots at tarpon over the one hundred  pound mark. These tarpon are generally bigger than our local population, which can range in size from babies to eighty pounders. The migratory tarpon are targeted by many anglers, whether it be on the fly or with a live sardine. I love fishing for many species of fish, but tarpon are one of my favorite. They are very powerful fish with the ability to do spectacular jumps. This makes them all the harder to land, which makes it a heated battle, who will give up first!

Belize tarpon

fishing in Belize

Tarpon Resting in a Cave









Tranquility Bay Resort has the unique aspect of the tarpon coming and feeding at night right of the dock. They are smarter than other tarpon due to lots of people casting different baits at them. Sometimes though you trick them into eating your bait. I’ve caught my share of them here at Tranquility Bay, but that is after trying to no avail for over a year before I caught my first tarpon. Since I caught the one, they have seamed a lot easier to get to bite. That is, to get them to bite though, not to land. I have seen many anglers come to Tranquility Bay and try to catch the tarpon, some do, and some don’t. The ones who do land them go home happy, and to the ones that don’t, well that’s fishing, and just think of it as an even greater challenge for next time.

Fishing for Tarpon in Belize

Fishing off of Tranquility Bay Resort

There are many reasons not everyone catches tarpon, such as hard mouths which are hard to pierce with your hook, abrasive teeth which fray your line, their ability to jump which can shake the hook and sheer power that can break the line. Practice does make perfect though and they seem  easier to catch every time. Once you do catch one and take your photo with it you will remember and cherish it for the rest of your life.