Fishing With The Full Moon – The Fish Whisperer


The Fish Whisperer

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith grew up just North of Tranquility Bay Resort. He will be writing his fishing reports on the Tranquility Bay Resort blog. Daniel has an enthusiasm for fishing that rivals none. At thirteen years old I often refer to him as “The Fish Whisperer” or an “Old Salt”. He has more time logged with a line in the water than most fisherman who are four to fives time his elder! Watch for “The Fish Whisperer” articles right here.


Fishing With The Full Moon

Many people believe fishing when the moon is full is better than an ordinary night or day. The bigger predatory fish such as grouper and snapper come to spawn and some end up with a hook in their mouth. The fish did seem to be around and feeding off of the Tranquility Bay dock last night. I had two strikes one which seamed to be hooked but the fish spat the hook out. Later on something took a jig head I was casting but it  shook the hook free. There was no more action for the rest of the night but its called fishing not catching.

Full Moon at Tranquility Bay Resort

Full Moon In Belize


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