Fishing With a Hurricane-The Fish Wisperer


The Fish Whisperer

Daniel SmithDaniel Smith grew up just North of Tranquility Bay Resort. He will be writing his fishing reports on the Tranquility Bay Resort blog. Daniel has an enthusiasm for fishing that rivals none. At thirteen years old I often refer to him as “The Fish Whisperer” or an “Old Salt”. He has more time logged with a line in the water than most fisherman who are four to fives time his elder! Watch for “The Fish Whisperer” articles right here.

Run For Your Life

With an oncoming storm many fish and creatures are on the move. Many people and predatory animals take advantage of the aggregated fish which are vulnerable to predators. Lobster and other sea creatures are also on the move to escape or hide from the storms’ wrath. As hurricane Ernesto approached the Yucatan Peninsula, to my liking, many fish were on the move.

Palm Tree at its limit with Hurricane Ernesto’s Winds

 Unusual Behavior

I went spear fishing on the morning of the 7th of August before the storm was to affect Belize and caught some of the snapper that were fleeing from the storm. Later that day when the sea was starting to get rough, I went fishing at Tranquility Bay Resort to fish. With the rough weather the fish were aggressive and didn’t pay much attention to what they are eating because of the murky water. The tarpon that feed at night even showed up during the afternoon to take advantage of the smaller baitfish that were aggregated around the dock. There were also many jack feeding at the surface on the baitfish that were swimming around at the surface. I had a tarpon bite the top water lure that I was casting, but he jumped and shook the hook. After that it started to rain and I called it a day and went home. The fishing is noticeably better with an approaching storm and people everywhere were catching snapper of the docks.


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