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Is Diving the Blue Hole in Belize Safe?


Safe to Dive the Blue Hole?

According to the U.S. Gov. Travel Advisory to Belize the simple answer is not really:

U.S. Gov. Travel Advisory to Belize:
Rental diving equipment may not always be properly maintained or inspected, and some local dive masters fail to consider the skill levels of individual tourists when organizing dives to some of Belize’s more challenging sites.

Deaths and serious injuries have occurred as a result of the negligence of dive tour operators, the lack of strict enforcement of tour regulations, water taxis diverging from routes when tourists are in the water, and tourists’ neglect of their physical limitations.

The Embassy strongly recommends that anyone interested in scuba diving or snorkeling while in Belize check the references, licenses, and equipment of tour operators before agreeing to or paying for a tour.

The Embassy further recommends that U.S. citizens be forthcoming in reporting pre-existing medical conditions to their dive tour operators, and comply when a dive tour operator prohibits participation in such activities due to a U.S. citizen’s health condition.

Safety precautions and emergency response capabilities may not be up to U.S. standards.

The reality is that as a “Certified” open water diver you are responsible for yourself. Too many divers come down on holidays and because the Dive Master is guiding the dive assume that the dive master is responsible for their well-being. When is the last time you checked (smelled) your air the way your were trained to in your open water certification course? What about the pre-dive safety check B.W.R.A.F. (BCD, Weights, Releases, Air and Final). Do you dive with your buddy? What about continued education, do you strive to be a better diver? Have you taken a Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty or moved on to become and Advanced Open Water Diver? Do you dive within your limits? Did you take a refresher if it’s been a while?

The Blue Hole is a bucket list dive for many tourists coming to Belize. Unfortunately as there is no regulatory body for Scuba Diving in Belize the standards are much too slack. In my opinion the standards should include a minimum number of dives and a minimum number of dives deeper than 90 feet. They should also be keeping the Maximum depth of the Blue Hole to 140 feet. When I dove the blue hole my max depth was 137 feet and I was plenty deep enough to see the stalactites. It is well-known that the Blue Hole dive breaks the recreational diving limits. I personally don’t see the seven extra feet I dove as an extreme breach compared to the 20-30 feet some unexperienced divers are doing.

The following are my suggestions for a safe(r) Blue Hole Dive.

  • do get some warm up dives in prior to the blue hole or/and take a refresher
  • don’t dive the day before
  • choose a reputable operator
  • check your equipment
  • dive with a buddy (I usually tell couples to hold hands)
  • be the last down to depth, the first to start on the way up, and the last to leave the safety stop
  • watch your air consumption and neutral buoyancy
  • ascend slowly
  • do not dive if you have any medical history that has not been cleared by a doctor (preferably a Dr. that knows something about diving!)
  • if any of these suggestions don’t make sense to you learn more about diving before diving the blue hole!

Definitely Belize does have some issues with diving safety, not all dive shops are created equal and more importantly too many tourists are all too willing to relinquish their own responsiblity for their diving. Plan your dive, dive your plan!

Safe Diving!




Fishing With a Hurricane-The Fish Wisperer


The Fish Whisperer

Daniel SmithDaniel Smith grew up just North of Tranquility Bay Resort. He will be writing his fishing reports on the Tranquility Bay Resort blog. Daniel has an enthusiasm for fishing that rivals none. At thirteen years old I often refer to him as “The Fish Whisperer” or an “Old Salt”. He has more time logged with a line in the water than most fisherman who are four to fives time his elder! Watch for “The Fish Whisperer” articles right here.

Run For Your Life

With an oncoming storm many fish and creatures are on the move. Many people and predatory animals take advantage of the aggregated fish which are vulnerable to predators. Lobster and other sea creatures are also on the move to escape or hide from the storms’ wrath. As hurricane Ernesto approached the Yucatan Peninsula, to my liking, many fish were on the move.

Palm Tree at its limit with Hurricane Ernesto’s Winds

 Unusual Behavior

I went spear fishing on the morning of the 7th of August before the storm was to affect Belize and caught some of the snapper that were fleeing from the storm. Later that day when the sea was starting to get rough, I went fishing at Tranquility Bay Resort to fish. With the rough weather the fish were aggressive and didn’t pay much attention to what they are eating because of the murky water. The tarpon that feed at night even showed up during the afternoon to take advantage of the smaller baitfish that were aggregated around the dock. There were also many jack feeding at the surface on the baitfish that were swimming around at the surface. I had a tarpon bite the top water lure that I was casting, but he jumped and shook the hook. After that it started to rain and I called it a day and went home. The fishing is noticeably better with an approaching storm and people everywhere were catching snapper of the docks.

Tarpon: The Migration – The Fish Whisperer


The Fish Whisperer  

Daniel Smith  

Daniel Smith grew up just North of Tranquility Bay Resort. He will be writing his fishing reports on the Tranquility Bay Resort blog. Daniel has an enthusiasm for fishing that rivals none. At thirteen years old I often refer to him as “The Fish Whisperer” or an “Old Salt”. He has more time logged with a line in the water than most fisherman who are four to fives time his elder! Watch for “The Fish Whisperer” articles right here.

Tarpon: The Migration

In the summer time we have a migration that attracts many anglers to our fisheries. The tarpon are on their migratory route between Belize and Virginia, they pass through the Florida keys and follow the coastline of the Gulf to Belize. The peak time here in Belize is July through September when anglers can expect shots at tarpon over the one hundred  pound mark. These tarpon are generally bigger than our local population, which can range in size from babies to eighty pounders. The migratory tarpon are targeted by many anglers, whether it be on the fly or with a live sardine. I love fishing for many species of fish, but tarpon are one of my favorite. They are very powerful fish with the ability to do spectacular jumps. This makes them all the harder to land, which makes it a heated battle, who will give up first!

Belize tarpon

fishing in Belize

Tarpon Resting in a Cave









Tranquility Bay Resort has the unique aspect of the tarpon coming and feeding at night right of the dock. They are smarter than other tarpon due to lots of people casting different baits at them. Sometimes though you trick them into eating your bait. I’ve caught my share of them here at Tranquility Bay, but that is after trying to no avail for over a year before I caught my first tarpon. Since I caught the one, they have seamed a lot easier to get to bite. That is, to get them to bite though, not to land. I have seen many anglers come to Tranquility Bay and try to catch the tarpon, some do, and some don’t. The ones who do land them go home happy, and to the ones that don’t, well that’s fishing, and just think of it as an even greater challenge for next time.

Fishing for Tarpon in Belize

Fishing off of Tranquility Bay Resort

There are many reasons not everyone catches tarpon, such as hard mouths which are hard to pierce with your hook, abrasive teeth which fray your line, their ability to jump which can shake the hook and sheer power that can break the line. Practice does make perfect though and they seem  easier to catch every time. Once you do catch one and take your photo with it you will remember and cherish it for the rest of your life.